KuBiCo - Kuopio Birth Cohort


The Kuopio Birth Cohort (KuBiCo) project will generate new knowledge by integrating clinical and analytical data, achieving a stepwise increase in understanding of the combined effects of multiple factors on health and disease. The KuBiCo is aimed to resolve effects of genetics and different stress factors (medicines, nutrition, lifestyle factors and environmental aspects) during pregnancy on health status of the mother and the child. Altogether the final data base will include 10000 mother-child pairs. All pregnant women who will give a birth at Kuopio University Hospital can participate in the KuBiCo project. The KuBiCo project is a joint research project between University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) and National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL). The project has been approved by the Research Ethics Committee of Hospital District of Central Finland.

The project is anchored in the concept of developmental origin of diseases. In addition, it is well known that maternal health status during the pregnancy also predicts future wellbeing of the mother. Final study material consists of 10000 study subjects (mother-child pairs), related questionnaire database, and a large collection of biological samples.

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The KuBiCo would like to acknowledge the University of Turku's Department of English for their valuable work for the study.

Department of English, Translation and interpreting track
University of Turku, Finland
David Bergen, Lecturer, Authorized translator